The Cerebral Arterial Wall in the Development and Growth of Intracranial Aneurysms

Pasquale Marco Abbate, A. T.M. Hasibul Hasan, Alice Venier, Vincent Vauclin, Silvia Pizzuto, Alessandro Sgreccia, Federico Di Maria, Oguzhan Coskun, Katsuhiro Mizutani, Georges Rodesch, Arturo Consoli

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A considerable number of people harbor intracranial aneurysms (IA), which is a focal or segmental disease of the arterial wall. The pathophysiologic mechanisms of IAs formation, growth, and rupture are complex. The mechanism also differs with respect to the type of aneurysm. In broad aspects, aneurysms may be considered a disease of the vessel wall. In addition to the classic risk factors and the genetic/environmental conditions, altered structural and pathologic events along with the interaction of the surrounding environment and luminal flow dynamics contribute to the aneurysm’s development and growth. In this review, we have tried to simplify the complex interaction of a multitude of events in relation to vessel wall in the formation and growth of IAs.

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出版ステータスPublished - 2022 6月 1

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