The efficacy of leukodepleted platelet transfusion

A. Ishida, M. Handa

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The use of leukopoor blood cellular products is now considered as being a simple and efficacious method to prevent unfavorable transfusion complications such as nonhemolytic febrile transfusion reaction and HLA-alloimmunization which are induced by contaminated leukocytes. Several prospective studies demonstrated that leukocyte depletion by filtration has been found to be effective to prevent HLA alloimmunization and/or platelet transfusion refractoriness, although cost effectiveness of the filter use still remains unclear. Lueukodepletion is also efficient in preventing CMV infection in patients undergoing stem cell transplantation, and its efficacy is readily comparable to CMV seronegative blood products. With more efficient and reliable filters (4th generation filters) having been developed recently, the clinical application of leukodepletion filters in transfusion medicine may be considerably widened.

ジャーナルNippon rinsho. Japanese journal of clinical medicine
出版ステータスPublished - 1997 9月

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