The Impact of Diagnosing Branch Atheromatous Disease for Predicting Prognosis

Taizen Nakase, Yasumasa Yamamoto, Makoto Takagi, Haruhiko Hoshino, Norihiro Suzuki, Yoshiharu Taguchi, Norio Tanahashi, Koutaro Tanaka, Yasuo Terayama, Keizou Yasui

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Background We had reported that, in the acute phase of the brain penetrating artery infarction, patients with branch atheromatous disease (BAD) tended to be worsened compared with the lacunar infarction (LI). Because no prospective study has been reported, we composed a multicenter study (Japan Branch Atheromatous Disease [J-BAD] Registry) in which patients of penetrating artery infarction were prospectively enrolled for exploring the clinical features of BAD. Methods From the associated 9 hospitals, acute ischemic stroke patients were asked to be enrolled in the J-BAD Registry and classified into the lenticulostriate arterial (LSA) infarction (n = 124) and the pontine penetrating arterial (PPA) infarction (n = 42) groups. The clinical courses and the repeated magnetic resonance imaging findings were investigated. Results Neurologic worsening was observed at a significantly higher rate in BAD compared with the LI patients in both the LSA and PPA groups (P <.01, 45.1% versus 22.6% and 46.7% versus 0%, respectively). In the LSA group, the enlargement of the ischemic lesion was significantly more frequent in BAD compared with the LI patients (P <.01, 66.2% and 34.0%, respectively). There was a significant relation between the enlargement of the lesion and the worsening of neurologic deficits (P <.001). Moreover, the clinical features, which predict the lesion enlargement, were BAD and older age. Conclusions LSA infarction of BAD diagnosis or older age patients might show an increase of lesion size and a tendency of neurologic worsening. It could be important to discriminate BAD from other ischemic stroke subtypes, in regard to the prediction of prognosis.

ジャーナルJournal of Stroke and Cerebrovascular Diseases
出版ステータスPublished - 2015 10月 1

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