The possibility of left dominant activation of the sensorimotor cortex during lip protrusion in men

Atsushi Fukunaga, Takayuki Ohira, Masayuki Kamba, Seiji Ogawa, Takenori Akiyama, Takeshi Kawase

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Lip protrusion requires bilateral symmetrical movements of the facial muscles, but the laterality of the activated sensorimotor cortex corresponding to the area of the face activated during lip protrusion remains under discussion. In this study, blood-oxygenation-level-dependent (BOLD) responses in the sensorimotor cortex during non-verbal lip protrusion were evaluated in a 3T magnetic field in twenty healthy right-handed subjects. The results showed that the activated sensorimotor area on the left side was larger than that on the right side, and there was a statistically significant difference in the number of activated voxels between the left and right sensorimotor cortex in an individual study of the male group, although approximately symmetrical motor action potentials of facial muscles were recorded during lip protrusion. There was a statistically significant difference in interaction between the hemisphere (right and left) and sex (men and women) and multiple comparison test showed statistical significant differences between "men and right" and "men and left", and between "men and left" and "women and left". The peak value of the percent changes in BOLD signal responses on the left side was approximately twice as high as that on the right side in the males of the group, though the bilateral sensorimotor cortex was almost equally activated in the females in the group. In addition, the left primary sensory area related to the face area was significantly activated as a region where Male was more active than Female in a general linear model (multi-study, multisubject) analysis. This study revealed the possibility that the left sensorimotor cortex was more closely involved in non-verbal mouth movement in men, suggesting sex-related differences in sensorimotor cortex activation.

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出版ステータスPublished - 2009 9月

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