The present state of CO2 and Nd-YAG laser therapy in our clinic

K. Iijima, H. Shiba, S. Asanami, T. Nomoto

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Our experience of oromaxillary surgery on 108 patients using CO2 laser scalpel led to the following results. 1. Minimum bleeding during surgery shortens operation time. 2. The wound healing after laser surgery was favorable and less tissue damage was observed compared with conventional electric scalpel. 3. No wound infection was observed because of potential bactericidal effect of laser. 4. Less pain reports after laser surgery. 5. The local control in patients with malignancy after surgery was successful. Our experience with YAG laser system and contact rod led to the following results. 1. Contact surgery has advantages for less risk of erroneous shots, handling with ease even in a small operative field, and precise surgery. 2. The depth of cutting can be adjusted. 3. Bleeding is extremely minimum. 4. Smoke of coagulation is small. 5. Extensive necrosis of the tissue can be elicited. Based on our experience of the use of the two different laser systems for oromaxillary surgery, they beneficial in reducing blood loss, shortening operation time, and successful local control of malignant tumors, comparable to the characteristic of laser surgery. Comparing CO2 laser with Nd-YAG laser, the former seems useful in extensive resection requiring strong cutting power and also in vaporizing superficial mucosal lesions, while the latter seems warranted for a minor surgery using a contact road.

ホスト出版物のタイトルLasers in dentistry
ホスト出版物のサブタイトルproceedings of the International Congress of Laser in Dentistry. ICS850
編集者H. Yamamoto, K. Atsumi, H. Kusakari, M. Shimakura, T. Kayano
出版社Elsevier Science Publishers B.V.
ISBN(印刷版)0444810927, 9780444810922
出版ステータスPublished - 1989
イベントThe International Congress of Laser in Dentistry - Tokyo, JAPAN
継続期間: 1988 8月 51988 8月 6


ConferenceThe International Congress of Laser in Dentistry
CityTokyo, JAPAN

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