The relation between public library use and cultural activities

Masaru Itoga

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Most of public library surveys in Japan have not been directed to potential or non-users but to library visitors. Now a survey has been completed for determining the citizen's usage of public libraries and other public facilities, i.e. public halls (koumin-kan), museums, art galleries, and so on. This survey can also make a significant suggestion that one's library use has something to do with his or her other social and cultural activities. Library service is most used and best known among local public services. The higher one's educational level, the more one uses public libraries. Library users are disposed to participate in other cultural activities as well. Though the number of library users with a lower educational level is very small, they are willing to involve themselves in several activities. Finally two things are proposed. A variety of public needs should be met by several types of services in a community. And those who are not oriented to library use and cultural activities should be offered appropriate programs rendered by public halls or the like.

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