The slow resorption with replacement by bone of a hydrothermally synthesized pure calcium-deficient hydroxyapatite

Takatoshi Okuda, Koji Ioku, Ikuho Yonezawa, Hideyuki Minagi, Yoshinori Gonda, Giichiro Kawachi, Masanobu Kamitakahara, Yasuaki Shibata, Hisashi Murayama, Hisashi Kurosawa, Tohru Ikeda

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A newly developed calcium-deficient hydroxyapatite composed of rod-shaped particles synthesized by the hydrothermal method (HHA) and stoichiometric hydroxyapatite (SHA) synthesized by the sintering method was used for in vivo implantation and in vitro culture systems to compare these biological responses. In the rabbit femur, implanted HHA was slowly resorbed and about 80% of the implant remained 24 weeks after implantation; however, up to 72 weeks after implantation, most of the implanted HHA was resorbed. The implanted SHA was unresorbed throughout the experimental period, but degradation by the invasion of newly formed bone was seen at 72 weeks after implantation. Bone histomorphometry showed that the volume of newly formed bone and the number of osteoclasts in the implanted region were significantly higher in HHA than in SHA 24 weeks after implantation. In vitro culture of C2C12 cells with the induction of osteoblastic phenotypes using recombinant bone morphogenetic protein-2 showed similar cell density and the induction of alkaline phosphatase activity between the cells on HHA and SHA discs. In vitro osteoclastogenesis of HHA and SHA discs using bone marrow macrophages and recombinant receptor activator of nuclear factor-κB ligand showed higher TRAP activity of osteoclasts cultured on HHA discs. These results showed that slow biodegradability did not always correlate to final replaceability in bone tissue, and suggested that the activity of osteoclasts correlated to the bone-forming activity of osteoblasts.

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