The use of computers and networking in the neurosurgical field

T. Oizumi, T. Ohira, T. Kawase

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Due to the improvements in computer and network technology, we are able to use medical information easily and safely on the network in medical institutions. In our department, we constructed and used an original Intranet with light fibers. The network links the outpatient room, ward, operation room, staff room and the examination room. Moreover, many computers and medical instruments are connected to the Intranet. Since our original Intranet has no connection with the outside network, we are able to access the patient's medical information safely. Using access management of identity and a password on the server, the client can present the medical information with sound and movie upon request of the patients and their families, medical students, nurses and doctors. Doctors can also search and input the patient's most recent medical information on a network database of every client. By linking the examination machine and operation aided instrument to the Intranet, we were able to forward the patient's medical information to the operation aided instrument easily and quickly. Furthermore, we will be able to perform tele-medicine and tele-operation in the near future: that is, the medical staff can guide the neurosurgical operation outside of the operation room with a microscope and computer view using picture mutual communication devices. By strict access to the management of our Intranet, we are able to use the medical information effectively for patient's treatment, operation, education and study on the network with no connection to the outside network.

ジャーナルRinsho byori. The Japanese journal of clinical pathology
出版ステータスPublished - 1999 2月

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