Therapeutic strategies targeting brain tumor stem cells

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Progress in stem cell research reveals cancer stem cells to be present in a variety of malignant tumors. Since they exhibit resistance to anticancer drugs and radiotherapy, analysis of their properties has been rapidly carried forward as an important target for the treatment of intractable malignancies, including brain tumors. In fact, brain cancer stem cells (BCSCs) have been isolated from brain tumor tissue and brain tumor cell lines by using neural stem cell culture methods and isolation methods for side population (SP) cells, which have high drug-efflux capacity. Although the analysis of the properties of BCSCs is the most important to developing methods in treating BCSCs, the absence of BCSC purification methods should be remedied by taking it up as an important research task in the immediate future. Thus far, there are no effective treatment methods for BCSCs, and several treatment methods have been proposed based on the cell biology characteristics of BCSCs. In this article, I outline potential treatment methods damaging treatment-resistant BCSCs, including immunotherapy which is currently a topic of our research.

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