Towards automatic verification of the critical view of the myopectineal orifice with artificial intelligence

Masashi Takeuchi, Toby Collins, Clement Lipps, Mathieu Haller, Josiane Uwineza, Nariaki Okamoto, Richard Nkusi, Jacques Marescaux, Hirofumi Kawakubo, Yuko Kitagawa, Cristians Gonzalez, Didier Mutter, Silvana Perretta, Alexandre Hostettler, Bernard Dallemagne

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Background: Visualization of key anatomical landmarks is required during surgical Trans Abdominal Pre Peritoneal repair (TAPP) of inguinal hernia. The Critical View of the MyoPectineal Orifice (CVMPO) was proposed to ensure correct dissection. An artificial intelligence (AI) system that automatically validates the presence of key and marks during the procedure is a critical step towards automatic dissection quality assessment and video-based competency evaluation. The aim of this study was to develop an AI system that automatically recognizes the TAPP key CVMPO landmarks in hernia repair videos. Methods: Surgical videos of 160 TAPP procedures were used in this single-center study. A deep neural network-based object detector was developed to automatically recognize the pubic symphysis, direct hernia orifice, Cooper’s ligament, the iliac vein, triangle of Doom, deep inguinal ring, and iliopsoas muscle. The system was trained using 130 videos, annotated and verified by two board-certified surgeons. Performance was evaluated in 30 videos of new patients excluded from the training data. Results: Performance was validated in 2 ways: first, single-image validation where the AI model detected landmarks in a single laparoscopic image (mean average precision (MAP) of 51.2%). The second validation is video evaluation where the model detected landmarks throughout the myopectineal orifice visual inspection phase (mean accuracy and F-score of 77.1 and 75.4% respectively). Annotation objectivity was assessed between 2 surgeons in video evaluation, showing a high agreement of 88.3%. Conclusion: This study establishes the first AI-based automated recognition of critical structures in TAPP surgical videos, and a major step towards automatic CVMPO validation with AI. Strong performance was achieved in the video evaluation. The high inter-rater agreement confirms annotation quality and task objectivity.

ジャーナルSurgical endoscopy
出版ステータスPublished - 2023 6月

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