Ubiquitous services: Enhancing cyber-physical coupling with smart enablers

Hideyuki Tokuda, Jin Nakazawa, Takuro Yonezawa

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Ubiquitous computing and communication are the key technology for achieving economic growth, sustainable development, safe and secure community towards a ubiquitous network society. Although the technology alone cannot solve the emerging problems, it is important to deploy services everywhere and reach real people with sensor enabled smart phones or devices. Using these devices and wireless sensor networks, we have been creating various types of ubiquitous services which support our everyday life. In this paper, we describe ubiquitous services based on a HOT-SPA model and discuss challenges in creating new ubiquitous services with smart enablers such as smart phones, wireless sensor nodes, social media, and cloud services. We first classify various types of ubiquitous service and introduce the HOT-SPA model which is aimed at modeling ubiquitous services. Several ubiquitous services, such as DIY smart object services, Twitthings, Airy Notes, and SensingCloud, are described. We then address the challenges in creating advanced ubiquitous services by enhancing coupling between a cyber and a physical space.

ジャーナルIEICE Transactions on Information and Systems
出版ステータスPublished - 2011 6月

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  • ソフトウェア
  • ハードウェアとアーキテクチャ
  • コンピュータ ビジョンおよびパターン認識
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