Ultralow-Input Genome Library Preparation for Nanopore Sequencing with Droplet MDA

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Genome sequencing of small species, such as those of meinofauna, can be challenging due to the extremely low input of genomic DNA. While nanopore sequencing is a promising technology for genome assembly due to its limitless long reads, recommended input of 1 μg for the Ligation Sequencing Kit often precludes the use of this technology. Here, I detail an unbiased droplet-based multiple displacement amplification of picogram order of DNA to realize nanopore sequencing with ultralow input of genomic DNA. For this purpose, a microfluidic chip of 10X Genomics Chromium Controller is utilized. With this method, over 10 μg of unbiased amplicons around 10 kbp in length can be obtained from as low as 50 μg of input DNA, which is enough for the construction of multiple sequencing libraries, or for the size selection of longer DNA fragments.

ジャーナルMethods in molecular biology (Clifton, N.J.)
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