Understanding dry eye syndrome

Kazuo Tsubota

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It was my great pleasure to have had the opportunity to give the conference address in addition to being honored by the Professor Dohlman Award. I am proud of the progress in the understanding of dry eye that has been made over the past couple of decades. However, the clinical application of the knowledge that has accumulated lies in the future. Thus far no effective medication has ever been developed for the treatment of severe dry eye. Cyclosoporine may become the first eyedrops to be used, and a series of new drugs containing androgens, immunomodulators, secretagogues, P2Y2 receptor agonists, and others may follow. I believe that medication for the treatment of dry eye will be developed in the not to distant future, and I hope that at the 4th conference in a few years time, we will be able to share these new treatments for the management of dry eye patients.

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