Use of methylrosanilinium chloride for a post-operative MRSA-infected wound: A case report

Naoki Oishi, Yasuhiko Takei, Sekiko Kiyota, Haruna Yabe

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A 52-year-old male patient consulted our hospital with complaints of long lasting pain in the throat and swelling in the neck. Physical, pathological and X-ray examinations led to a diagnosis of carcinoma in the base of the tongue, which had already extended deeply into the tongue and epiglottis (oropharyngeal carcinoma, T4N2cM0). After chemoradiotherapy which did not successfully reduce the tumor, surgical removal of both the tongue and larynx, and reconstruction of the base of the oral cavity with a PM-MC flap were performed. Unfortunately, the operation was accompanied by a subcutaneous infection which occurred as a result of a surgical complication of a pharyngeal fistula. The germ culture examination revealed that the wound was infected with MRSA. Since povidone-iodine and general use of antibiotics were not effective in suppressing the inflammation, possibility arose for serious and critical complications such as MRSA pneumonia or rupture of a major neck artery. However, immediately after we started using methylrosanilinium chloride for the MRSA-infected wound, the inflammation began to disappear quickly without any serious side effect to surrounding tissue. We concluded that methylrosanilinium chloride was effective in the treatment of MRSA-infected wounds.

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出版ステータスPublished - 2004

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