Virtual pancreatoscopy of mucin-producing pancreatic tumors

Toshio Nakagohri, Ferenc A. Jolesz, Shigeo Okuda, Takehide Asano, Takashi Kenmochi, Osamu Kainuma, Yoshiharu Tokoro, Hiromichi Aoyama, William E. Lorensen, Ron Kikinis

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We used computer-based virtual endoscopy techniques as a novel approach to clarify the three-dimensional (3D) surgical anatomy of the pancreas and of mucin-producing pancreatic tumors. Thirteen cases (18 lesions) of mucin- producing pancreatic tumors were investigated by virtual pancreatoscopy. Virtual endoscopic images were generated with virtual endoscopy software application on UNIX workstations. We created surface-rendered virtual endoscopic images derived from a computer reconstruction of the cross- sectional magnetic resonance imaging data. Virtual endoscopy could visualize the surfaces of the pancreatic duct and the bile duct, and also demonstrated all cystic tumors. The surfaces of malignant mucin-producing pancreatic tumors were illustrated as being more irregular than those of benign lesions. The virtual endoscopic technique could demonstrate not only a surface- rendered endoscopic image of the tumors but also a 3D reconstructed image of the pancreas. The relationship to anatomic structures located outside the surfaces is continuously maintained and displayed at the same time. Virtual pancreatoscopy was useful for surgical planning of minimally invasive resection of the pancreas.

ジャーナルComputer Aided Surgery
出版ステータスPublished - 1998

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