What children and youth told about their home city in digital stories in 'C my city!'

Yutaro Ohashi, Kana Ohashi, Pihla Meskanen, Niina Hummelin, Fumitoshi Kato, Heikki Kynäslahti

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Children and youth have become an important stakeholder group in urban/city planning and tourism. While there are many practices of youth participation in planning in various countries, a policy of involving pupils and students as so-called 'volunteer (tourist) guides' is promoted in recent years in Japan. Previous studies have shown that there are many positive effects created from children being tourist guides. We developed this idea and conducted a project called 'C my city!' in Finland in order to facilitate children and youth to introduce their home city through digital storytelling. In the pilot project, 38 digital stories were made by the participants and the stories were embedded on a web-based map. Through analysis of the articulated words in the stories, we investigated how they introduced their home city. Furthermore, we discussed possibilities of applying this method in cross-curricular settings in school.

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出版ステータスPublished - 2012 6月

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