When Entanglement Meets Classical Communications: Quantum Teleportation for the Quantum Internet

Angela Sara Cacciapuoti, Marcello Caleffi, Rodney Van Meter, Lajos Hanzo

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Quantum Teleportation is the key communication functionality of the Quantum Internet, allowing the 'transmission' of qubits without the physical transfer of the particle storing the qubit. Quantum teleportation is facilitated by the action of quantum entanglement, a somewhat counter-intuitive physical phenomenon with no direct counterpart in the classical word. As a consequence, the very concept of the classical communication system model has to be redesigned to account for the peculiarities of quantum teleportation. This re-design is a crucial prerequisite for constructing any effective quantum communication protocol. The aim of this manuscript is to shed light on this key concept, with the objective of allowing the reader: i) to appreciate the fundamental differences between the transmission of classical information versus the teleportation of quantum information; ii) to understand the communications functionalities underlying quantum teleportation, and to grasp the challenges in the design and practical employment of these functionalities; iii) to acknowledge that quantum information is subject to the deleterious effects of a noise process termed as quantum decoherence. This imperfection has no direct counterpart in the classical world; iv) to recognize how to contribute to the design and employment of the Quantum Internet.

ジャーナルIEEE Transactions on Communications
出版ステータスPublished - 2020 6月

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