Wireless sensor network system for supporting nursing context-awareness

Futoshi Naya, Ren Ohmura, Masakazu Miyamae, Haruo Noma, Kiyoshi Kogure, Michita Imai

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We developed a wireless sensor network system for supporting context-awareness of nursing activities in hospitals. Our system is aimed at automated recording of nursing work, providing context-aware services to nurses and visualising analytical results from nursing histories. The system consists of heterogeneous devices utilising three kinds of wireless networks: a ZigBeeTM (ZigBee is a registered trademark of the ZigBee Alliance)-based location sensor network, a BluetoothTM (Bluetooth is a trademark owned by Bluetooth SIG, Inc., USA)-based body-area sensor network for capturing nurse activities and a Wi-FiTM (Wi-Fi is a registered trademark of the Wi-Fi Alliance)-based network for communication between PDAs worn by nurses and a server PC. We illustrate the layered structure of the entire system as well as algorithms for estimating nurse locations and activities during their operations in a hospital. These estimated results are managed by a real-time database system with which nurse contexts can be visualised in real time on a server PC and/or PDAs. We also show empirical results evaluating the performance of retrieving, analysing and visualising detailed nursing contexts.

ジャーナルInternational Journal of Autonomous and Adaptive Communications Systems
出版ステータスPublished - 2011 11月

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