Zernike mapping of optimum dwell time in deterministic fabrication of freeform optics

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In optics fabrication technologies such as computer controlled optical surfacing (CCOS), accurate computation of the dwell time map plays an essential role in the deterministic performance of the fabrication process. However, it is still difficult for existing methods to derive smooth dwell time maps that reduce dynamic stressing on the machine especially at the aperture edge region, while retaining fine correction capability on freeform optics. To answer these challenges, we propose a new method based on Zernike decomposition and improved differential evolution optimization of the dwell time map, which can be applied to time-dependent optics fabrication processes such as fluid jet machining. Simulations and experiments based on a bi-sinusoidal freeform design were carried out to assess the feasibility of the proposed methodology. With appropriate fluid jet pressure, a bi-sinusoidal optical surface with demanding form error target of sub-100 nm in peak-to-valley was achieved, showing a remarkable improvement on the state-of-the-art, while keeping a good average surface roughness of 2.6 nm Ra on the optical glass.

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